Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange thoughts for a Thursday

Thinking about a lifestyle, as free as can be, the smallest needs means the smallest compromise. And then of course there is always a possibility of work that relates to your passion. But we need to get out from under the "Man" as much as we can, only in a state of freedom from the man can we truly explore our creativity, our passion. We all have one or more, I have many; words (obviously), truth, countryside, music, water (and boats), to name some. But many of us suppress our interests when young because they cost money or because a failure discouraged us or simply because it was too frivolous in a world of study to get a "good" job. I think that spark of creativity within us all is natures healing tool. From my own experience I am finding writing and other projects so helpful when I am ill. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, encouragement to follow your own unique way to happiness. Some might think this could ultimately be selfish and in a sense that is right but only in the sense of putting your own healing first. We need to be as balanced as we can in the proportions of our lives, making as few compromises as possible doesn't have to be detrimental to anyone else. Being true to ourselves is a duty, only through that will we have anything genuine to offer anyone else.

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