Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where Grace came from

They say life begins at forty! Mine did!

University, necessitating a move of 150 miles from home alone but for my son. We did okay.

Proved to myself that I had what it took to get a degree, then I got a "proper" job, in the NHS.

Wow, I had arrived, I bought a house and thought I had found a career. Big mistake!!

They tolerated my unconventionality and colourful clothes and hair (red hair with black tips and spiked, my firestarter phase) but did not enjoy my honesty (some would call it bluntness) or understand my values. They were equal opportunity employers (look we even employ hippy types with nose rings)I in my turn became so disillusioned with the targets and the bullshit, that got in the way of the real objective of my work, which was to improve the service patients recieved, that when they asked for volunteers for redundancy I volunteered.

I had broken up with my partner and the plan was - sell the house, get the redundancy and go visit friends in New Zealand. Look for a new way of life that got the work/life balance right.

Got the redundancy but... house didn't sell straight away, redundancy money (not much, I hadn't been there long) got swallowed by the mortgage.

House is sold (except it is taking unconscionably long to complete the process) and am looking for a boat to live aboard and also sail around the med, earning what I need as and where I can.

Have found boats of the kind I want (de-commissioned fishing trawlers, particularly the Scottish wooden ones) but finding a mooring that is not on a marina full of gin palaces and people of the type I would not feel comfortable with and who would hate to have dirty dreadlocked hippies around is proving very difficult.

I need a river mooring, that is cheap and that is residential.

Anyone reading this who knows of a mooring please let me know.