Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creativity heals

Hey folks
I believe creativity heals, writing and messing with my pictures is helping me stay cool in this hot weather (sorry that was yesterday). Seriously I love photoshop, just got a full version (yay) only had elements before.

I have plucked up courage to put a few on my Flkr page.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I haven’t been writing for a while and I realise that’s not good. My voice is here, the child is here again and to hear her voice I must write, that’s why I couldn’t write for so long – I denied her voice.—Vicky said when she did that Reiki session that my problem was about communication. I have tried so hard (I thought) to connect with my child and all I had to do was listen to her voice – stopping second guessing her and trusting her. And it feels so good to be writing, it feels natural, no censorship I enjoy it so much—I don’t know what I am writing -It is a stream of consciousness thing – after all the child has had forty years of thinking but has rarely spoken- she has a lot to say – and it may be that I am talking utter rubbish but because it is honest and real it feels like it is Pulitzer prize material – but this honesty is the seed and from it will come work- hurray, hurray- I should have been doing this a long time ago- I have a lot to make up for- but I am not bitter – my journey has made it possible for me to be right where I am right now – happy!

Whether I make money with it or not I know this is something I will do for the rest of my life and at the same time I am healing my child, I am loving her, listening to her and giving her life – how easy it is in the end)

Where have I been?

Well hallo gang
I am raving about the NHS again but for a different reason. Now in need of Mental health Services myself I am appalled at the limited provision.

However, my plans have changed a lot since the last time I spoke. The house sale fell through and although it has just sold there is no money for a boat.

So..............anyone know of a place to rent that's a bit country ish or near water, got to be cheap though.

I am seriously writing again at the moment which is delicious, but less time for weaving and craft.

Looking for opportunities to earn a living through it. But live a very simple life so don't need much dosh. When we live up to our income we become slaves to the MAN. You would be surprised how little you really need. And the freedom is wonderful, I have the time and less stress and am feeling more creative.

Still would have liked my boat but........... joy comes from strange places and the byways can take you to some amazing places. I have learnt an awful lot lately and we should all see experience as positive even if it isn't at the time. At the time it may be terrible but when time has gone by and we reflect we can gain many insights that help us on our journey.

Bye for now