Friday, January 21, 2011

Mental health should be a priority!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yes we are constantly told that mental health is a priority of various governments. How true is this? I don't think people really understand what it is like to be mentally ill. I don't mean seriously ill and cared for, I mean the walking wounded.  Those of us who can have trouble with the ordinary day to day things we all take for granted. When you are subject to panic attacks you feel afraid of having one. That fear can sometimes cause one. Having to deal with any pressure and of course the inevitable pressure you put on yourself can make doing things very difficult. Attending an interview today I had a panic attack because I thought I was going to be late, I couldn't find anywhere to park. When I came out I was so flustered and concerned with the car next to mine that I went to far and touched the barrier. Thankfully no damage was done, I had been driving slowly.

When you are subject to anxiety you can become physically ill and be unable to cope with the slightest thing. This is the nature of this type of condition.

It is just a shame that a disabled man had to experience his own similar symptoms and strain himself physically due to an oversight by a department of Income Support. When dealing with people with mental health problems or disabilities I believe staff should have experienced training in the difficulties many people with a condition or disability of some kind have with ordinary day-to-day tasks and pressure.

When you are ill it may be very difficult to do something you would not have thought twice about doing before. Just because I am ill does not mean I am stupid.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Does anyone else worry about our kids?

Many of our most personal relationships are conducted virtually. Chat rooms and mobiles and emails. 

It is so common now for a young person to be at home in her bedroom playing with her friends via the internet. 

We have to ask how do we learn about relationships? By having them of course, when we have virtual relationships we miss a great deal. Body language can help so much. 

How many times have you sent or received a text which has upset or annoyed you. If it had been said face to face body language would have showed you were only joking or teasing. 


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This man's work is amazing, check it out :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It should be simple

Why do we make the simplest of things so difficult for ourselves?, turning things over and over in our minds, first this way then that way. 

Wouldn't you think the easiest thing in the world would be to be true to yourself? 

How many times do we sacrifice some advantage or thing we want in order to please another. It is called being unselfish, something the Catholic Faith convinced little girls they must be. 

This in itself is not such a bad thing, but combine it with an early developed and acute sense of responsibility and a feeling of worthlessness stemming from an unfortunate childhood and what do you get?  

A greater difficulty in being true to yourself.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I should have been a hippy !

I should have been a hippy but I grew up in Lincolnshire! I loved it, I'm a country girl but all we got was one local festival I was too young to go to and loon pants.

I've made up for it since I came here to go to University and stayed. I have seen lots of live music, been to a party that was really cool and turned out to be the local dealers works do. 

Walked in some wonderful places and had some mad camping trips.

But the thing I have done that makes me stay is make some incredible friends.

A network of unconditional friends is a basic necessity for a happy life and I value mine. They know who they are.

I always told anyone who asked the most important thing in life is to be true to yourself. We all have a duty to seek to understand ourself and in doing so accept our-self warts and all. 

This is easy to say and harder to do. That's where the network of unconditional love from your friends is so important.

But I'm a soldiers daughter and I believe its the journey that matters, learning to love yourself can take a long time and you can learn a lot along the way.

If we reflect on our experiences after a suitable time there will always be a new insight, nothing is ever wasted.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strange thoughts for a Thursday

Thinking about a lifestyle, as free as can be, the smallest needs means the smallest compromise. And then of course there is always a possibility of work that relates to your passion. But we need to get out from under the "Man" as much as we can, only in a state of freedom from the man can we truly explore our creativity, our passion. We all have one or more, I have many; words (obviously), truth, countryside, music, water (and boats), to name some. But many of us suppress our interests when young because they cost money or because a failure discouraged us or simply because it was too frivolous in a world of study to get a "good" job. I think that spark of creativity within us all is natures healing tool. From my own experience I am finding writing and other projects so helpful when I am ill. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction, encouragement to follow your own unique way to happiness. Some might think this could ultimately be selfish and in a sense that is right but only in the sense of putting your own healing first. We need to be as balanced as we can in the proportions of our lives, making as few compromises as possible doesn't have to be detrimental to anyone else. Being true to ourselves is a duty, only through that will we have anything genuine to offer anyone else.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ready for love

When you are happy in your own company, you are ready to love someone else.

When you are not looking

Sometimes we just have to be in the right place at the right time. When you are not looking you can meet the exact person you need in your life right then. When that happens you are truly blessed